Markets in Everything

Marrying for health insurance.

Thank you for taking a few moments out of your day to view my story. My name is Terri Carlson. I am 45 and was born with a genetic immune disorder C-4 complement deficiency. I am currently on cobra health insurance (from my divorce, 2 years ago) but it runs out in a year. And now my current situation is that I can’t buy health insurance because of my pre- existing condition.

Of course, people marry for all sorts of reasons — and entire websites have been built around catering to those preferences, some to much public outrage. Will there ever be a future equilibrium where marrying for reasons other than “love, etc” is not taboo?

One thought on “Markets in Everything

  1. Americans, at least, have romanticized marriage and love as if they were inseparable. I find it ironic, however, that the marital institution is 50% contract and 50% spiritual vows but the contract with the government is the part that makes a marriage real. A couple can share their vows but what makes it different than a couple simply being monogamous boyfriend/girlfriend without those vows? The marriage contract itself is marriage in our society, whether people attach some metaphysical flavor to it or not.

    I have always said that two men and two women should be allowed to marry, whether they do or do not love or lust after each other, in response to the suggestion that gay marriage advocates are trying to give gays special rights. Those aren’t special rights — if two straight men want to marry for the benefits that come with a marital contract, what’s the problem other than the arbitrary restraints in the legal system? Sure, it’d be silly for two straight men to marry but if they want to, why close the marriage market to that possibility?

    I think we will some day reach the moment when marriage for post-romantic reasons isn’t taboo simply because of entropy. Romanticized marriage is a concept that requires religious and cultural structure and its continued existence in society requires one of those things, if not both. Neither of those enforcers are static and are susceptible to change. While the situation may go towards a more stringent belief of romantic marriage, the trend doesn’t seem to be going that way. Despite the growing fervor of the religious right in the U.S., there are pockets of contempt for that religious right opening up within the religious communities that will likely send the trend in a different direction — hence entropy.

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