Three Cheers for Network Goods!

Network goods are goods that become more valuable as more people use them. Telephones are the staple traditional example of a network good. Money is the most obvious example of a network good…information is also an example of a network good — and the internet is, of course, is the most optimal transmission mechanism humans have devised.

In network theory, as you add more nodes to a densely interconnected network, the amount of interactions increase exponentially. This is a problem in a lot of cases, as it causes complexity catastrophe…and there are a lot of people who have written about how today’s social media is, in fact, a complexity catastrophe.

But not today. For today, Tyler Cowen (who presumably saw a link to my page through someone who saw it from someone […] who saw got it from Matthew Yglesias on Twitter) linked to my blog! My blog is four days old — is that a record?

In any case, I hope everyone from Marginal Revolution enjoys the blog! And a big thanks to Tyler!

Update (9:23): I know this is really only a blip, but I made the Top 20 10(!) of WordPress’ fastest growing blogs!


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