Revisiting Condescension

Arnold Kling comments:

Weisberg did not simply assert that he is right and those with whom he disagrees are wrong. He delegitimized those with whom he disagrees as childish, ignorant, and incoherent.

Kinsley comes very close to saying that arrogance is nothing more nor less than believing that you are right. I think that to be arrogant requires more than believing that our are right. Being arrogant means dismissing your opponent’s qualification to voice an opinion. By that definition, Brad DeLong is to arrogance what Michael Jordan is to basketball. Tyler Cowen is not.

I like Kling’s definition of arrogance better than my own. Does this change the probability distribution?


One thought on “Revisiting Condescension

  1. It means you’re wrong, Arnold is right, and you have no platform to speak from, therefore unqualified to voice an opinion. So there.

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