The Time Machine!

This is a companion to to my last post. I figure a lot of people will have a desire to know what these prices would be in today’s dollars. So, using this calculator, assuming an 85% fixed exchange ratio with the pound Sterling, and using a rough exchange rate to dollars of 1.56, these are the (approximate!) prices if you were to compact time:

Note to Urbanists: Advocate fee-based in-home care =].

Also keep in mind, this is a pointless exercise.


One thought on “The Time Machine!

  1. When was Sicko released ?
    I’d love to figure out how many months I’ve been reading examinations of US health care reform from proponents from every conceivable angle except the negative ones.

    Jon Stewart wonders why a simple message like “Medicare for all” isn’t used. I wonder why simply pointing out most other first world nations have universal health care isn’t. But not for long.

    It’s rather easy to switch the google news locale to another country and then discover what dominates news coverage of the programs each runs.

    I have universal, government run health care. Complete coverage which doesn’t end unless my citizenship does. I’m quite happy with it. However if I didn’t and I wanted it established in my country, I suspect that planning to address the inherent problems it creates, that cripple and break the entire system, would be a bright idea. One which required at the very least acknowledging their existence prior to worrying about votes for passing a half-arsed system into existence.

    Anyways, I’m off to create a baseball league in Australia. I’ve written 2.4 million articles on the topic about how it will work great, featuring 0 mentions of the word “steroids”. Call me an honest, reality-based proponent, I dare you.

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