Assorted Links

Very busy today (and getting busier!), so I can’t blog today…hopefully I can get some interesting writing in tonight…but these are worth a read:

  1. Scott Sumner on the News in 1929.
  2. Tyler Cowen on Health Insurance.
  3. US Wrongheadedness On Chinese Monetary PolicyMy Comments.
  4. You Should Always Read Nick Rowe on Monetary Policy…Always.
  5. Bill Woolsey: Monetary Policy Should Target Nominal Income.
  6. “Brain Drain” is a Always and Everywhere a Red Herring.
  7. David Beckworth on Deficits.

Quote of the Day: “The [Fed’s] exit strategy was implemented on October 8, 2008.” -Scott Sumner

P.S. For those who don’t know, October 8, 2008 is when the Fed began paying interest on excess reserves.


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