Call Me Crazy…

…but when I travel, I like to get to where I’m going as quickly as possible. When confronted with frustrating situations like traffic jams and elderly people, my car’s cabin quickly becomes the scene of much obscenity. However, minor irritations aside, I value arriving at my destination very highly, and thus discount the cost of these inconveniences. Put simply, I value arrival at my destination at some point…indeed, it is why I take the risk in the first place.

However, by stroke of genius in Washington D.C., some enlightened bureaucrat saw it fit that when I travel by plane, I be spared the inconveniences of delay — ostensibly by not arriving at my destination at all!

(USA TODAY) – The nation’s recent onslaught of flight cancellations is a harbinger of what passengers can expect from airlines looking to avoid new multimillion-dollar fines for leaving people stranded on grounded planes in bad weather, according to federal data and aviation experts.

The government announced in December it would fine airlines $27,500 per passenger for long tarmac delays – or $2.75 million for a 100-passenger flight.

Cancellations cost far less than a huge fine, especially since seats are routinely prepaid and airlines save fuel cost.

Good looking out.


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