The Glory of Trade

This chart shows various countries’ favorability with the US public:

It is worth it to note that, save for two countries (Cuba and Iran), we trade with every other country, regardless of their level of favorability in the aggregate. Trade brings the world together, regardless of any individual’s or group’s preferences (which they can exercise in the marketplace), and makes everyone richer. More people in the world who can move beyond having to worry about base survival means more ideas, more opportunity, and more wealth…we even saw growth in Africa over the last dedcade.

Keep this in mind as you hear calls for protectionism; in every age of history, globalization and the free flow of ideas has been among the greatest times. What does protectionism look like? The Dark Ages.


One thought on “The Glory of Trade

  1. Honestly, I don’t hear many calls for protectionism except some unenlightened who are blaming China for job losses here and think tariffs are the way to go.

    Well, perhaps I should take that back. The John Birch Society seems to be gaining steam among the conservative base (see CPAC).

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