Assorted Links

Today was filled with some great reads:

  • A beautiful exposé on Paul Krugman. Provides an amazing insight into the drastic change in Krugman’s tone between the 90’s and today…a question I have been trying to fathom.

    On the rare occasion when they [he and his wife] disagree about something, she will be the one urging him to be more outraged or recalcitrant. She pushed him to denounce the filibuster. She wanted him to be more stubborn in holding out for the public option in the health-care bill. He spent a few sleepless nights wrestling with his conscience about that but ultimately decided that a flawed bill was so much better than no bill at all that he had to support it. “You can get beaten down,” he says. “When Robin and I started writing about health care, single payer was clearly the way to go. And then bit by bit you start saying, ‘O.K., you take what you can get.’ There’s a trap I’ve seen some people fall into—you let your vision of what should be get completely taken over by what appears possible right now—and that’s something I’m trying to avoid.”

  • All about remittances. A powerful article that will refuel your spirits every time you come head to head with rabid nationalists.
  • Obama proposes price controls.
  • Garett Jones on EconTalk.
  • The IMF’s Kenneth Rogoff sees wave of sovereign debt crises.
  • I agree with Stephen Gordon.

    If you want an effective anti-poverty measure, give money to poor people. It really is that simple.

  • EYEWTKA the French political system.

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