As you can imagine, I was less than impressed by the health care summit. However, it was the first political event that I have ever live-Twittered, and that was pretty fun, so overall not a loss.

Unfortunately, I’m on my way out, so I’m going to outsource analysis to Arnold Kling, who was liveblogging during the event. I’ve never liveblogged, but it seems like something I think I’d enjoy and be fairly good at. In any case, I whole-heartedly agree with this statement:

Although President Obama grew impatient and frustrated with the Republicans for the way they took up time and did not follow his agenda, I thought that on average the Republicans actually engaged him more seriously than did the Democrats. In particular, Pelosi and Reid did not seem to have gotten the memo that the tone was supposed to be constructive and businesslike. If Obama had not been there to help the Democratic team, they would have ended up making folks like Ryan and Cantor seem like intellectual giants.



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