Assorted Links

Narcissistic edition!

Fishing, September 2009. Right before the hotel story from this post.

  • My Photoshop skills on display, on the internet! I could even make a logo like this. In a previous life, before I became obsessed with economics, I aspired to be a graphic designer :P. Upon looking at the image, I wish I would have spent more time to get the shadows and hues right.
  • David Henderson reads the New Yorker’s peice on Paul Krugman, identifies same point of interest as I did.

    One thing I hadn’t known was to what extent his wife ratchets up the attacks when she edits his work. I’m glad my wife, a professional editor, doesn’t do that with my work.

  • I dominate the first page of a Google search for my name!

…that’s really all I have.

(I’ll have to fill the tags with my name to ratchet up my narcissism to a professional level)


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