Put Your Money…

Paul Krugman is very sure of the fact that if health care “reform” passes, there will be a reduction in premiums:

So the big factual debate in the health summit was over whether insurance premiums would rise or fall under the Democratic plan. The answer is that they would fall — but Republicans successfully threw up dust by pointing to the CBO conclusion that average payments to insurance companies would rise.

I highly doubt that, given the current structure of the bill. This is a clear case of talk being “cheap“. I wonder if Krugman would wager a bet on his belief? Judging by the track record, I would say no.

Update: Seems it’s even worse than I suspected. Turns out, you can’t even respectfully disagree with Paul Krugman and remain firmly grounded in facts.

2 thoughts on “Put Your Money…

  1. I hate to say it but I agree with Krugman on the latter link although I’m sure he is not talking about all conservatives and simply a generality based on some evidence. It’s no secret people loved Bush’s stupidity.

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