Assorted Links

  • Social networking promotes peace, or at least thwarts violence.

    JERUSALEM, March 3 (Reuters) – The Israeli military called off a raid in Palestinian territory after a soldier posted details, including the time and place, on social networking website Facebook, Israel’s Army Radio reported on Wednesday.

  • Germany rejects Greece. If there is one thing they do well in Europe, it’s protest (which is not exactly a good thing).

    March 4 (Bloomberg) — Greece’s pledge to deepen planned budget-deficit cuts failed to yield an offer of assistance from Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, as protesters in Athens seized the finance ministry building and blocked roads in the city center.

  • Forclosure is strongly correlated with unempoyment.

  • Wages: Still determined by supply and demand, and marginal productivity. Also, I think Yglesias puts too much faith in planning here. I don’t think the problem is on the the supply side, I think it’s on the demand side.

  • A city-state in our own back yard. Sure, they have some mis-steps, like killing school vouchers — but they’ve also instituted some very “libertarian” legislation, like repealing the handgun ban, and legalizing gay marriage. I think city-states are the optimal jurisdiction — they allow for high levels of targeted coordination, and the possibility (threat?) of exit.

One thought on “Assorted Links

  1. – It seems like Europe is happy enough to implode itself yet again.

    – Is foreclosure strongly correlated to unemployment much of a surprise? Imagine what the foreclosure rate would look like if we didn’t have UI.

    – D.C.’s metro sucks, though.

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