Hi! From Another Universe

Previously, I had noted that to disagree with Paul Krugman meant that you could no longer be grounded in fact and reason. Turns out, it gets even worse than that. Today’s op-ed makes it perfectly clear: if you disagree with Paul Krugman, not only are you not inhabiting the same planet as Krugman, you’re not even inhabiting the same universe!

…Today, Democrats and Republicans live in different universes, both intellectually and morally…

I’m taking Krugman to use the word “Republican” as a proxy for “people I disagree with”. So, I’d like to be the first person ever to say hi to everyone from a parallel universe! But wait, the story gets deeper!

Sometimes and on some things, I agree with Krugman, without even sharing his moral intuition. Does that mean I can travel between universes?

Maybe Paul Krugman does simply mean a narrow band of Republicans, with which I’m often in disagreement. The attacks in the article are pretty clear-cut at certain Republican beliefs — however, I don’t think unemployment insurance stimulates the economy or reduces unemployment (especially at the level of 100,000 people)…but I’m not against it. I’m also not the biggest fan of the estate tax.

So it’s hard to be sure if I’m actually the inter-dimensional super-being that Krugman makes me out to be…

Economists Living in a Different Universe


2 thoughts on “Hi! From Another Universe

  1. You are right on the unemployment insurance thing. It really seems to be meant for people like victims of Hurricane Katrina who lost their job “through no fault of their own.” Even if it did have some sort of impact on unemployment it would be very miniscule, being as the unemployment rate isn’t the target variable.

    This just happened to catch my eye, as I’m doing a paper on Disaster Economics and was reading about UI here:


  2. I honestly don’t see why people attempt to argue UI creates jobs. Any jobs it may create or help keep afloat by holding up some semblance of consumer demand is probably countered with the fact people are more willing to get UI benefits until they run out.

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