Trust: Health Care Edition

Gallup tracks American opinion on who is “trusted” on health care:

No surprises there, given that Republicans couldn’t articulate a plan to save their lives — and the plan that was articulated, Republicans quickly backed away from because of it’s crude budget slashing.

The next graph is also pretty predictable, however, it illustrates our bias toward misplaced faith in “big men” and planning, which is kind of depressing. In any case, it is curious that the two parties which have the strongest status-quo bias when claiming “we need to lower the cost of medicine” are on polar opposites.

Conclusion: People are incredibly unreliable judges of preference when their level of understanding is low. What does this say about voting?

Addendum: Gallup also has a study of the least obese metropolitan areas in the country (H/T Economix):

Colorado has quite a few metropolitan areas on the top ten list, but Colorado also has higher than average total growth in medical spending from 1991-2004…although lower per capita average growth in expenditure. That, of course, probably reflects population changes.


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