Take That Job and Shove It!

Christina Romer looks to have rejected a position at the Federal Reserve in favor of remaining at the Council of Economic Advisors:

“I love my current job and I’m not going anywhere,” White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Romer said during a visit at the Wall Street Journal offices Friday.

On the shortlist:

  • Janet Yellen (President, FRB San Francisco)
  • Laurence Meyer (Former FRB Member)
  • Alan Krueger (Princeton University)
  • Jeremy Stein (Harvard University)
  • Peter Diamond (MIT)

Even though I’m not pulling for him, my money is on Alan Krueger (at least from this shortlist) for Donald Kohn’s chair. Janet Yellen is also a front-runner…but she confuses me, so I hope she doesn’t get the vice chair position.

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