Assorted Links

Blogging may be slow for the next couple days, due to having a CT scan for a very persistent abdominal pain I’ve been experiencing for the last two years…but here are some links to keep you busy.

First, some things to look forward to (not necessarily in order):

Now, some link goodness.

  • Eagle’s nest webcam. Including video of hatchlings!
  • Excellent sentence:

    A social platform wins not because of a flawless experience (though this doesn’t hurt), it wins because all your peers are on it.”

  • The (now famous) Harvard thesis on the CDO market.
  • Some good points about China.

    As well as the announced budget stimulus, it embarked on a largely unannounced monetary stimulus, which consisted of ordering banks to shovel loans out the door as fast as possible.

    I don’t agree with the method. SOE’s extremely bloated and inefficient…and favored over private enterprise. But still, monetary stimulus, that’s the point. And I do not favor trade sanctions, and never will.

  • Diane Ravitch, school choice promoter turned statist planner, doesn’t interpret data very dynamically.

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