New Blog Layout

As you can probably tell, I switched my blog layout…

I don’t know if many people associate blog layouts with “brands”, but I do. Probably the “designer” in me. For example, I know exactly what Marginal Revolution looks like, and would know it without a title or any names. The same goes for TheMoneyIllusion (kind of), EconLog, Knowing and Making, and others. So I don’t want to change around willy-nilly, but the theme I had was kind of common, the title didn’t fit at the top, and I’m not yet interested in paying to be able to design a custom layout.

I do really like this layout, though. I imagine that when I do switch to paying for a blog site, it’ll change again…but for the last time!

In design, it is important to stick with a brand logo, and think long and hard before you change or “modernize” it. Most redesigns turn out to be very unpopular, so you should then probably think about it again — and then decide not to do it. But I’ll have none of that.

Let me know what you think!

Update: For some reason, it initially switched to some red layout that I had been viewing. It’s fixed, and this should be around for a while. Also, I’m going to have to do another image for the header. The question is: trendy or classy?


4 thoughts on “New Blog Layout

  1. I like it. I couldn’t have put my finger on what I didn’t like about the old layout – indeed I wouldn’t have even thought about it without having the new one to compare to – but I guess there was something. Fortunately I have several of your old postings open in tabs waiting to be commented on, so I get to see both versions together.

    I’d say you’re probably early enough in the evolution of this blog that it does no harm to change.

    Interesting that you find mine distinctive – I guess it is, but I don’t get to take credit for that. At the risk of losing my brand identity, take a look at this one, for example…

    I’ve been vaguely thinking for a long time about getting a new one. Have you looked into people who design custom layouts? I’m on Blogger rather than WordPress which probably means I have slightly fewer options.

    1. Thanks, Leigh. I’m glad you like it.

      I don’t really read Casey Mulligan’s blog…so I hadn’t encountered the design except on your blog. I seem to always forget that he has a blog.

      This design is a stock design from someone that I found on WordPress. Personally, I really dislike Blogger. I hosted my first blog there and it kind of died because I couldn’t stand the interface.

      If I knew CSS a lot better than I currently do, I would simply do a design myself…but alas, my web design skills are current circa 2000.

  2. At first I thought I enjoyed your last layout better because this one seemed more cramped and small. Then I realized I was browsing on my auxiliary (smaller) monitor. Anyway, I like the new setup. The header invokes a Alice in Wonderland sort of vibe.

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