Useless Trivia

I just bought a new laptop mouse and the manual claims that there are 8,388,608 unique identification codes built in between the mouse and the dongle, with a range of 10 meters for each unit. Assuming a person holding a laptop with my exact mouse occupies every square meter of the United States (9,826,675 km2) and the mice were distributed randomly (with their appropriate matching dongle), there is a .0000916% chance that another person’s mouse will interfere with my computer.

I don’t know if I’m comfortable taking chances, so I’m considering returning the mouse.


2 thoughts on “Useless Trivia

  1. Back in the day, in the late 90s, I fiddled with people’s computers, tricking them into opening files with trojans that gave me control of their files and certain aspects of their computers. Suffice to say, I had quite a lot of fun freaking people out as their mouse went haywire.

    If your mouse starts acting on its own, first make sure I haven’t installed a trojan on your laptop.

  2. Definitely return it; it’s unfair that this risk isn’t clearly stated in big bold letters on the packaging.

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