Amish Freedom!

Apparently there is a debate raging in the econoblogosphere, sparked by Bryan Caplan regarding the level of freedom the Amish, and specifically Amish women, enjoy. Adam Ozimek decidied to throw in his two cents, and asked me to do a photomanip of Bryan as an Amish guy. This is what I came up with:

[Click image to enlarge]

I’m pretty happy with the results. Also, just to clarify: I realize that photomanips featuring American Gothic are waaay overdone, but I couldn’t find a good stock image of an Amish guy, even though I had a much better idea…and, I also realize that the subjects of the American Gothic painting probably were not Amish.

I may throw my hat in the debate, as I have a point that I haven’t seen made yet, but it will have to wait for another day!

— — — —

Update: Here is the reference image.

Update 2: I decided I didn’t like the placement of the hat on Bryan’s head, so I moved it. You can view the original image here.


6 thoughts on “Amish Freedom!

  1. I do have to agree with Caplan that Amish women are at least just as free as other women. Consider the issue of hijabs in Quebec.

    “The Canadian Muslim Women’s Committee is disappointed in Quebec’s opposition parties for judging what is a personal choice, said member Nermine Barbouche, who wears a hijab.

    ‘I work, I go to school, I’m doing everything else that you can do, so where’s the problem? Why am I oppressed? Where is it, the oppression?’ she said.”

    Except for instances where husbands and parents threaten violence, women are free to choose to wear a hijab or not.

    One interesting thing that Adam Ozimek mentions is the Amish don’t have to pay certain taxes such as Medicare, Social Security and the individual mandate. Perhaps conservatives can start their own Amish-like religion and object to such burdens while still being able to live under a non-Amish culture. đŸ™‚

  2. Bryan is far too smug to be photoshopped into American Gothic. That said, good work, he kind of resembles a goat, or maybe a Satyr in this picture.

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