Educational Reading

Last Monday, upon recommendation and impression from Russ Robert’s EconTalk podcast with Diane Ravich, I ordered The Death and Life of the American School System, and just got around to reading it tonight. It is relatively short, at 296 pages, but packed full of excellent information (as is the podcast!) about the continual failure of the top-down central planning of education to overcome the obstacles that face the most disadvantaged in our society. Highly recommended. It will definitely help me when I write my future post(s) about education!

I also liked the design direction of the book’s cover, but I felt that I could improve upon it. So, as I am unable to leave well enough alone, I took the design cues and added my own flair. The results are below. For reference, here is the actual cover.

[Click image to enlarge]

One of the important things that you fail to learn in the American school system is to space your words ;]. I think going forward I’ll be taking it upon myself to redesign the covers of books that I enjoy.

— — — —

This is off-topic, but who does wholesale design of book covers? I think cover design contests are the way to go as far as covers are concerned…there are a lot of awful ones out there.


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