Assorted Links

I wish I had all kinds of time to touch on all of these issues! What a blessing is the division of labor!

  • I hate to rub it in, but…

    Fearing that health insurance premiums may shoot up in the next few years, Senate Democrats laid a foundation on Tuesday for federal regulation of rates, four weeks after President Obama signed a law intended to rein in soaring health costs. (NYT P.A12)

  • Ezra Klein interviews Ted Kaufman about his idiocy the Safe Banking Act his idiocy.
  • Arnold Kling is a bear on the future of US public finance.
  • Small populations are easy to handle. Scaling? Very difficult.
  • The ashes of globalization.
  • To continue the pun, cashing in.
  • Must read regarding the Goldman issue.

  • Apparently I’m not very original, and in the grand book of coincidences, there is a hockey player named Nicklas Backstrom who is covered on that blog fairly frequently. My narcissism has been dashed.

— — — —

Reader poll: Karl Smith paged me. Should I respond?


4 thoughts on “Assorted Links

  1. Yes, definitely. I came very close to paging you as well, but I figured you and I have mocked Bryan enough lately. You and Karl however, should definitely mock him some more.

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