Quote of the Day

What makes you so sure that it’s “socially and politically realistic” to further reduce immigration? Haven’t immigrations’ detractors felt extremely frustrated for decades? Maybe you’d actually make more headway in the real world if you stopped using moderate IQ differences to justify massive oppression of immigrants – and started proposing humane ways to mitigate specifc drawbacks of immigration.”

Bryan Caplan

One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. Being an immigrant, myself, I will, for the life of me, never understand the fear of immigrants. I lived in New York City, among the immigrants from all over the world—especially Puerto Ricans (if you can really call them immigrants), Dominicans and Central Americans of all kinds. We lived in peace even during the most violent times in New York—violent times ruled more by gang rivalry and poverty than race.

    I can understand the problem natives might have with excessive immigration of low education expatriates; this kind of problem does have the potential to completely alter not just culture but local economies… but it becomes a negative alteration mostly if it’s opposed or oppressed. If it’s welcomed with open arms (who wouldn’t want more business?), it can become a healthy relationship.

    Natives are fighting an unforgiving tide and in doing so are making things worse—for themselves and the immigrants. The problems of illegal immigration would be minimal if those who come (or stay) her illegally weren’t illegal in the first place! They wouldn’t have to hide and, effectively, create the same kind of problems inherent with prohibition.

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