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Megan McArdle (via Will Wilkinson) implores us to check out our first order ever placed on

The inspiration for such comes from the fact that early 20th century memoirs often contain very detailed accounts of people getting new technology that drastically changes their lives; like the automobile, the water-closet, and the refrigerator. I (along with Megan) never even think of the first time I used an mp3, eBay, or an airline booking site…but all three have drastically changed my life. Is our capacity for surprise much less than in earlier times? Possibly, but I don’t think that is the real answer. I think that within my lifetime, the biggest tipping-point-like change has been the computer (I do remember my first computer experience well). Otherwise, while everything has changed rather rapidly, the process has followed a fairly logical evolutionary path such that I can see the roots of the design.

Unfortunately, I lost an early account that I had around 2003 and had to create a new one, so my “first order” was in 2004. It was the Moldovian band O-Zone’s album: Disc-O-Zone. You may recognize them from being popularized by Gary Brolsma.


3 thoughts on “From the Amazon

  1. I can definitely say my first computer (other than the Commodore 64 I was given) was my first big, important and life-changing purchase. I got it when I was a freshman at Middlebury College and most of how my life turned out centers around it.

    I quickly learned a lot about computing from hacking, photo editing, web design, and how to be a pompous ass in chat rooms (which definitely comes in handy in political forums). Being much of a loner most of my life, the access to a small social community in the late 90s led to a computer/Internt addiction which then led to my disillusion with school and, consequently, my dropping out of school. It also, tied to my disillusionment and dropping out, led me to further bad decisions, finding me in North Dakota, back to New York, and then the realization of how stupid I had been acting. So, to satisfy my guilt, I went back to that same computer and, after a year of wasting precious time when I could have gone back to college, I met the woman who ended up becoming my wife and life partner. The computer also led to me being pulled away from New York (and the lovely pizza) to a farm town in Indiana.

    That computer was also my first personal purchase with my own money. I don’t need Amazon to tell me that. 😛

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