Quote of the Day

The best way to get rid of the bad external effects of unlawful immigration is to bring what is lawful in line with what is right. A common North American labor market would bring cross-border labor migration within the rule of law, thereby establishing order and peace where there is now disorder and violence. All this while increasing liberty and encouraging rather than discouraging cooperation and the efficient production of wealth!

Will Wilkinson


One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. Simple, beautiful logic… something far too many Americans have no sense about on this subject. There’s a discomfort of immigrants in general throughout the US, especially in certain parts of the country; the illegal status is a cover for actions to quell these anxieties.

    Our leadership in the federal government are far too spineless to take appropriate action. Wilkinson’s vision is as likely as getting rid of entitlement programs without a backlash.

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